Sales Traders and Brokers: Drive Performance By Using Pivot to Better Service the Right Customers

Markets are changing, relationships still rule, but workflows are much more automated. Pivot™ products enable sales traders to create sophisticated, workflows around customer transactions creating greater efficiency and enhancing their relationship network.

Sales Traders

Get Actionable Information to the Right People Quickly and Easily

It’s 7:30 am, time to get new research to sales traders and investment ideas to traders. Pivot 360™’s research database integration and broadcast capabilities make it easy to send morning notes or new reports to colleagues, around the world, instantly. With Pivot, a 20-minute process becomes a 5-minute one.

Everyone is First When You Broadcast with Pivot

It’s 8:30 am and you need to start sending ideas to all 50 of your customers – at once. It’s 9:45 and you need to immediately get key information to your customers. Communicate simultaneously with Pivot 360 with Blast™, Pivot’s™ broadcast functionality, in a format that is already integrated with your customers’ workflow.

Easily Find Investment Information History

Want to see discussions on your position in London? Need to recap instructions? Review your published liquidity in a single data stream? Instant Markets™  by Pivot allows firms to easily view relevant data quickly and easily making content available whenever its needed.

Use Pivot to Send Structured Pricing Data and Alerts

Pivot’s™ structured messaging platform grants derivatives and fixed income desks the ability to send actionable quotes to customers without the need for FIX/OMS infrastructure. In addition, Pivot enables equities desks to send trade updates and position alerts with proprietary data; making it easy for customers to act on.

So, whether it’s automating a FIX order or entering price data into a trading system, Pivot’s™ products  can streamline the structure of your information as well as the process.