Options Markets: Turn “Chats” into Quotes. Quotes into Transactions. Instantly.

Options Markets

Are you tired of using an unprofessional, unsupported, and non-functional messaging platform that was not designed with you in mind? With Pivot’s™ products, floor brokers, brokers, and traders finally have a communications tool that can handle the collaboration needs for the listed and OTC options markets.

For the Floor Broker: Broadcast Instantly

Need a way to instantly distribute shows? What about re-caps? By using Pivot 360™’s Structured Messaging and Broadcast Management features, floor brokers can instantly send information to all of their upstairs customers &emdash; instantly. With much of the CBOE and CBOT floor membership using Pivot™, isn’t it time you joined the Pivot™ Network?

For the Broker: Receive, Analyze, and Distribute

As an options broker you must constantly receive, analyze, and re-distribute information and indications to your customers as quickly as possible. With Pivot’s™ Aggregation and Message Management tools, you can take information that you receive from the floor and other information sources and instantly publish that data to your clients, providing the highest level of customer service possible.

For the Prop Trader & Investment Manager

For prop traders and investment managers, profiting off options spreads and effectively hedging risk requires that you make the right decision at the right time, every time. With pricing and market information coming from a scattered pool of brokers and data providers, Pivot 360™ can consolidate that fragmented information into a single point to help you make the right investment decisions that drive your returns.