Energy Markets: Power Transactions with a Unified, Structured Liquidity Management Platform from Pivot

Energy Markets

With a suite of tools designed for the energy markets, CME Direct Messenger gives both brokers and traders the means to more effectively distribute, display, aggregate, and integrate their price and quote information to help drive the transactions fueling today’s markets.

For The Broker: When Every Quote Matters, Use CME Direct Messenger

The days of slowly making dozens of inefficient client calls to shop a price quote are over. With CME Direct Messenger’s Broadcast Management tools, voice brokers can put down their phones and use our unmatched distribution capabilities to shop hundreds more quotes a day. When every quote has the potential to become a trade, CME Direct Messenger with Blast™ is a voice broker’s key to unlocking revenue.

For the Trader: CME Direct Messenger Turns Price Diffusion into Price Clarity

As more price quotes become communicated via IM, Instant Markets™ has become the energy trader’s solution to aggregate, filter, and organize that data across their pool of price sources. With Aggregation Points and Message Grids, CME Direct Messenger with Instant Markets™  can help an energy trader display price data much more effectively, ensuring that every trade is based on the best bid or ask available.

For the Community: CME Direct Messenger Offers Structured Collaboration and Integration for Every Desk, Every Product

CME Direct Messenger with Instant Markets™ ’s flexibility makes it an ideal collaboration platform for every desk within the energy community, for both traders and brokers. Whether your firm trades natural gas, power, oil, emissions, weather, or carbon; CME Direct Messenger allows each desk to create their own, secure Collaboration Rooms and product-specific Message Grids to better display market information. Using CME Direct Messenger’s Structured Messaging and API Integration, Pivot™ can integrate that information with your firm’s pricing, risk, or quote systems.

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