Analysts: Drive Returns With Better Information Management from Pivot

Generating excess returns requires the ability to acquire, manage, and execute on information efficiently. Pivot’s™ products give users control over their information.

Investment Managers

Aggregate, Share Inbound Communications as a Team

Allow Pivot to improve how your organization works information. Pivot 360™ allows entire teams to see all communications in a single point. Sector desks, traders, PMs, etc. can rapidly leverage information as a team to quickly collaborate internally then seamlessly execute. The result? A more efficient investment workflow that improves your ability to manage information into higher returns.

Save Time by Transforming Your Most Relevant Information to Data

40+ brokers throwing ideas over the wall? Spending lots of time sifting for good information? Cut wasted time and move faster with tools from Pivot. Pivot 360 with Instant Markets™ automatically transforms incoming indications into data so that they stand out from the incoming flood of information. Using Pivot for filtering, sorting, and grouping gives additional customization capability to optimize your time.

Use Pivot to Integrate Market Data

Eliminate the need for re-typing pricing information from instant messages to your backend systems. You can program to the Instant Markets™ API to seamlessly pull relevant data from Pivot, resulting in increased accuracy, reduce manual entry, and faster evaluation of market data.

Easily Find Investment Information History

Want to see discussions on your position in London? Need to recap instructions? Pivot 360™ allows firms to easily retrieve relevant conversations and information quickly and easily. Global search means content is readily available whenever needed.

Pivot is Internally and Externally Secure and Compliant

Stop using a tool designed for consumers. Get a professional, enterprise system that meets the security, compliance, and administrative needs of today’s global investment firms. Using solutions from Pivot reduces risk of leakage and compliance problems while improving your ability to manage information into higher returns.