Pivot™ Offers a Collaboration Platform That Actually Drives Performance

Pivot 360™ is the world’s most advanced, integrated, collaboration platform, specifically designed with the financial services professional in mind. With its suite of advanced message management, content distribution, and integrated workflow automation tools, Pivot 360™ can empower buy side or sell side firms across all markets to turn their message collaboration into transaction revenue. If you’re a professional trader, broker, or investment manager and communication is your key to generating revenue, then communicate professionally – with Pivot 360™.

Pivot 360™

Pivot™ Points

Pivot channels messages to a single point to control information overload and drive faster, smarter decisions.

Structured Messaging and API Integrations

Pivot turns messages into structured, actionable market information that can seamlessly integrate into indication, pricing, risk, content, and trade systems.


Use Pivot to manage and organize your information for easy searching.

Distribution Lists

Broadcast to your community using Pivot. Make every call your first call. Distribute data to an entire desk with one click.

Research Integration

Pivot integrates with broker research systems and other 3rd-party content providers to consolidate information in one place.


Use Pivot to automate IM trade entry and execution into any FIX-based Algorithmic System, OMS, or EMS.

Secure, Enterprise Collaboration

Collaborate securely and seamlessly across your entire enterprise, with multi-network integration including Pivot’s™ private network and multiple public networks.