Boost Your Liquidity IQ

Pivot 360 with Instant Markets™

Find Your Laser Focus

Instant Markets™ automatically identifies incoming quotes and indications, transforms them into data, and creates a customizable liquidity view called Monitor. Monitor’s robust grouping, sorting, and filtering capabilities enable you to focus solely on the information that’s important to you and your trading strategies.

Integrate Liquidity with Workflows and Systems

Do you use other non-communication systems to follow trend data, share liquidity data, or manage risk? Would you like to chart pre-trade market pricing movement? With Instant Markets™, you can seamlessly link these systems with Pivot’s™ data and tools, eliminating re-typing of data from Pivot 360™ to your systems and vice versa.

Be Ready for the Trade You Want

With the Instant Markets™ API from Pivot, you can program triggers based on conditions in your own systems to create within Pivot 360™ a pre-populated message destined for a pre-determined chat room, buddy, or group of buddies.