Blast Messaging: Distribute Critical Market Information To Your Community

Do you copy/paste a lot? Send morning notes to lots of customers? Shop pricing data to a group of counterparties? Pivot 360 with Blast™ enables users to manage volume messaging to colleagues, customers, and partners instantly. Save time and drive better performance with Pivot.

Pivot 360 with Blast™


Make every call your first call. With Pivot’s Blast capability, you no longer have to decide which buddy to IM that key market info to first. Provide the same level of service to all your buddies using Pivot.

Distribution Lists

Completely flexible and configurable lists allow each Pivot user to manage their broadcasts tailored to their style and accounts. Set up distributions lists based on securities, sectors, or firms, etc.

Intelligent Lists

By monitoring keywords and tickers, Pivot can be configured to automatically create lists based on tickers, sectors, etc. allowing the system to broadcast information only to relevant recipients.