Make Smarter, Faster Trading Decisions with Pivot™

Pivot’s™ products empowers buy side and sell side firms with its suite of advanced message management, content distribution, and integrated workflow automation tools.

Pivot 360™

Pivot 360
Pivot 360°™ is the world’s most advanced, integrated, collaboration platform, specifically designed with the financial services professional in mind.

Pivot 360 with Blast™

Pivot 360 with Blast
Pivot Blast enables users to manage volume messaging to colleagues, customers, and partners instantly. Saving time and driving performance.

Pivot 360 with Instant Markets™

Pivot 360 with Instant Markets
Instant Markets automatically identifies incoming quotes and indications, transforms them into data, and creates a customizable liquidity view called Monitor.


IMTRADER: Message Based Electronic Trading
With Pivot’s IMTRADER™ functionality, users can leverage structured messaging integrated with the FIX protocol to transform simple text requests “b 50 ibm”...

Pivot Connect™

Pivot Connect
Pivot’s market leading APIs liberate the market data embedded in chats to allow connection to up and down stream applications.