About Pivot™

Pivot’s™ powerful instant messaging software drives profitability for thousands of customers in hundreds of buy and sell-side trading rooms. Pivot’s™ solutions are used to manage instant message workflow, extract and organize relevant market information and disseminate it efficiently, even if the information is embedded in casual instant message conversations. Improved workflow, transparency and information mean better trading decisions. Pivot Converts Messages into Money™.

Pivot™ is the only instant messaging software designed exclusively for market professionals. Pivot’s™ customers include almost 8,000 brokerstradersanalysts and sales traders at more than 300 top buy and sell-side banks, hedge funds, asset managers and trading companies. Pivot focuses on high touch markets, largely cash equities, equity options as well as OTC energy and weather derivatives.

Pivot™ has taken instant messaging and liquidity management to a new level. Its unique and powerful instant message software extracts relevant market information and makes it available throughout our network to Pivot™ customers – in the way they need to see and act upon it. This gives Pivot customers a unique advantage over their competition. The reason Pivot™ customers are addicted is clear – Pivot Turns Messages into Money™.


Founded in 2004, Pivot™, Inc. was created to streamline trade desk workflow by connecting FIX with Instant Messaging. IMTRADER®, Pivot’s first product, is now Pivot 360™, the revolutionary communication and collaboration platform that also includes Pivot’s popular Blast and Instant Markets™  products. Today, Pivot Inc. is recognized as the preferred communications network for buy and sell-side market participants seeking an unprecedented competitive advantage.

Pivot, Inc. was acquired by CME Group in July of 2012 and is used to power CME Direct Messenger a sophisticated instant messaging platform for traders in the energy markets that will be integrated with the CME Direct electronic trading platform.